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Saber Accountants Staff Social Day 9 July 2010

Everyone had been looking forward to this social day and why not, the location was the beautiful Couran Cove in South Stradbroke Island.

Arriving at 7:45 am and taking an early morning ferry ride. It was in the ferry we watched a video conveying of all the activities we would be participating in. Already we were strategising on how to beat our opponents just from the video.

Upon arrival we met our tour guide Travis. It was from here we each hired out bikes, to ride around the whole island for the day. We were quickly racing around and waiting for everyone else to choose their desired bicycle.

The first activity of the day was a ropes course. Everyone participated, watched each other and cheered on with most finishing the challenges. Those who didn't complete a challenge did it again. We are accountants so perfection is a necessary personal trait of ours.


It was from here we rode to the basketball court and formed two teams. These teams were very competitive. We went through a serious of team building exercises before we started our games tournament. The tournament consisted of basketball, beach volley ball, smash hockey and sliders. At the end of all games, the two teams were tied and needed a tie breaker.

By now most had worked up a good sweat on this sunny day and required a break and some food. We all sat around at the resort, re-energising for what was to be after lunch.

From lunch we visited the koalas and heard about their protected species. We all had a chance to pat and take pictures with the koalas and we all loved sleepy Desmon.

After the koalas, we had a chance to explore the island on our bikes. Some rode to the beach, others raced each other on their bikes, whilst some played table tennis or rode canoes.

It was quickly 5pm and we got back on the ferry and relaxed on the way back home.

It was a great social day full of competitiveness and laughs.